The cell biology network event held at the prestigious Vienna Casino Resort, looked at a number of breakthroughs medical and research in cell biology, and covered a number of interesting and challenging subjects including the latest developments surrounding stem cells, a subject that has gained a considerable amount of press attention in recent years.  A key aspect of the  biology network event  included the exhibition, which was well attended and included displays of the latest technology used within the cell biology research field.

The event was well attended with a number of leading European biotech and pharma companies as well as other leading research institutions including government agencies and service companies operating within the cell biology sector. Information about the event can be found here on www.zellbiologie2012.de.

Life science events of this nature are critical in ensuring the sharing of scientific data between researchers.  Not only do these type of events promote networking opportunities but they also stimulate the exchange of information and help build prosperous long term relationships between researchers.  The benefit that these type of events bring to the industry cannot be underestimated.  As well as providing an opportunity for the recognition of innovative work within the cell biology field, events of his nature provide numerous chances to attend advanced courses and workshops.

Events of this nature also offer the opportunity to network and connect with other industry professionals in a more informal environment.  Presentations and award ceremonies are often delivered at nearby convention or exhibition centres.  Often these ceremonies and networking events are held at prestigious locations, such as award winning 5 star hotel and casino resorts, or at other high quality event venues. 

http://casinooesterreich.at/The issues of research and regulation often accompany each other, and it is through events of this nature that progress can be reached.